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Customized Leather Shoulder Strap Pad, Shoulder Saver

Customized Leather Shoulder Strap Pad, Shoulder Saver

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Handmade shoulder strap pad, made in many beautiful genuine upper leather colors. Anti-slip back(optional), pressure relief shoulder pad.

MADE TO ORDER! Please allow 3-7 days for handcrafts, thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no button on the strap pads of this listing, MAKE SURE your strap is detachable so the pad can go through. If your strap is detachable, please choose a pad in the below link,

Colors: we make a customized pad for you, please send us a picture of your bag, then we can choose the closest leather for you.

6 Sizes, S1, S2, M, L, L2, and Double, please check details in the pictures.

-S1: width 2.5cm/1", length 16cm/6.3", for straps width<1.3cm, chain width<1cm

-S2: width 3cm/1.2", length 16cm/6.3", for straps width<1.8cm, chain width<1.3cm

-M: width 3.5cm/1.2", length 20cm/7.9", for straps width<2.1cm

-L1: width 5cm/2", length 19.7cm/7.8", for straps width<3.9cm
-L2: length 22cm/8.6in, width 4.5cm/1.8in

-L3: length 22cm/8.6in, width 5.5cm/2.2in

-L4: length 22cm/8.6in, width 6.2cm/2.4in
We can also make a customized size, please message me if needed.

Structures & Material, 4 Styles
- Style A: Genuine full grain leather(front)+anti-slip leather back(synthetic leather)
- Style B: Double layers of genuine full grain leather(front & back)
- Style C: Genuine full grain leather(front)+ 3mm rubber sponge(middle)+anti-slip leather back(synthetic leather)
- Style D: Double layers of genuine full-grain leather(front & back)+ 3mm rubber sponge(middle)

*About rubber sponge: It is a high-quality material for warm-keeping and energy-saving, which is the killer of dew forming and the transmission of cold and heat. Also, the pad will be more soft, comfortable, and pressure relief for carrying

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