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Kids Mulberry Silk Clothings base layer set

Kids Mulberry Silk Clothings base layer set

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6A Grade Mulberry Silk clothing set, the BEST base layer for kids.
This set consists of two parts- a long-sleeved T-shirt and leggings/ pants.

This set is perfect for colder weather because of double layers construction, 100% mulberry silk suede lining to keep warm.
Natural mulberry silk fabric is soft, lightweight, no stuffy, healthy, and comfortable, like your second skin.

- Lining: 100% 6A Grade mulberry silk
- Shell: 50% cotton, 50% modal

Clothes for children from natural mulberry silk fabric will maintain his or her optimal body temperature. That means your child won't get gold outside or too hot inside. This set of clothes is perfect for kindergartners, school, at home or going outside. Your child will feel warm, soft, dry, and cozy.

5 Sizes, for kids from 110cm to 150cm length, for details, please check on the size chart.

2 Classic Colors: gray for boys and pink for girls.

Care and Washing Instructions:
- Gentle hand wash with cold water, with silk/ mild detergent. Or using shower gel/shampoo as mulberry silk is like our skin.
- If you want to use a machine wash, please use a protection bag with water setting less than 30℃/ 86℉. The gentlest setting, No spinning!
- Line dry in the shade, No direct sunlight!

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