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Silk Cashmere pants for women

Silk Cashmere pants for women

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Silk leggings for women. Made of mulberry silk and cashmere, which gives you all the necessary things: softness, warmth and comfort.

The tights are recommended to wear next to your body as a base layer. Also, it is very perfect for casual wearing or doing sports because our silk leggings control your body temperature and will not let you get cold or too hot. Mulberry silk leggings have a quality to absorb moisture, so you will not feel wet after doing some active things but at the same time it will give you a pleasant coolness.

80% mulberry silk, 15% cashmere, 5% spandex

-------PRODUCT FEATURES----------
- Silk leggings are very sheer so you will not feel them under your clothes and they will not limit your moves.
- These tights are also perfect to wear as pantyhose with your skirt or dress because they are nice and comfortable.
- Mulberry silk is perfect for people with sensitive or allergic skin. It's very soft and pleasant to wear on your body. Also, it has a natural ability to breath, it is antibacterial and reduces human body odor, so you will feel comfortable all the time.

3 Sizes, please check on the size guide.

3 Bacic Colors: black, gray, and camel

Care and Washing Instructions:
- Gentle hand wash with cold water, with silk/ mild detergent. Or using shower gel/shampoo as mulberry silk is like our skin.
- If you want to use a machine wash, please use a protection bag with water setting less than 30℃/ 86℉. The gentlest setting, No spinning!
- Line dry in the shade, No direct sunlight!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Extremely comfortable and warm, exactly as described. The waist, however--as another reviewer also noticed--is *really* big. I purchased the L (smallest size available) and it's baggy on me. There's also a little "pouch"...this would work beautifully as maternity leggings.

Robin D

Feels great, stretchy and warm!


Godd quality. Feels warm and soft.


excellent quality and weight. runs big. used the size chart, ordered xl and the waist is *huge*. not sure about exchange, checking that out. 132# size6/8


Very warm and protective will be perfect for fall and winter.